"Ukrainian pasta - is one of the leading players in the Ukrainian market of pasta, which is well-known trademark" Ty. " The company brings together a large distribution network throughout Ukraine and offers over 50 varieties of pasta, various packing. Thanks to the consistent accumulation of industrial capacity, improve quality and range of pasta 


Above 10 years macaroni "Taya" won the trust and have their loyal customers who prefer quality variety of pasta.

All products are made by unique recipes from high quality raw materials and has excellent taste characteristics.
The company "Ukrainian macaroni makes the highest demands of not only the quality of raw materials, but also the process of making pasta. That's why we chose to produce the leading Ukrainian producers: ZAO Khmelnytsky Pasta Factory 'and of' Chernihiv Macaroni Factory. "

Pasta TM "Taya" in its quality indicators and the original exterior design is not inferior to foreign product manufacturing, but the price characteristics are more attractive than foreign analogues.
Also in 2010, was presented range of new products under the trademark "Ty": classic packaged cereals, corn flakes, do not require cooking.

Developed a new direction with respect to packaging, retail and wholesale grains market introduction of Ukraine promising products under the trademark "Ty": packaged flour, cereals, sauces, quick cooking. Also, TM "Ty" is the pasta for the consumer segment of the "average plus" and "premium", which guarantees the demand for products and covers both segments: the so-called mass-market and premium segment. 

znakhmfJSC "Khmelnytsky pasta factory" was founded in 1948 based on gorpromkombinata. Throughout the period of the policy, the factory was and remains a focus on cutting-edge developments in ensuring the stability of product quality, meeting the needs of consumers, introduction of advanced modern technologies and equipment, introduction of quality systems. Made pasta according to original recipes ore than 50 items. Manufactured products from the best varieties of domestic raw materials, without dyes and additives. environmentally friendly. The factory has achieved strong results through appropriate staffing capability and high professionalism of the company. 

znakchmfJSC "Chernihiv Macaroni Factory" is one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine for the production of pasta,which is successfully operating in the production of pasta for over 45 years. The factory offers eight types of long pasta "extra" in a variety of packaging and ten types of short cut pasta, sold in all regions of Ukraine and CIS countries (the Baltic States, Belarus, Moldova) and nine types of bread, sold branded and urban commerce. One of the priorities of JSC "Chernihiv Macaroni Factory" - the production of quality pasta brand "Taya".